Save Money and Be Fashionable

Shopping-GirlClothes can be really costly, especially when all the fads and trends come and go as the seasons change. It is more than possible however to save money when buying your clothes. You just need to have the strategies and tactics on how you can save your money. Here are some tips on how to save when buying your clothes:

· Don’t buy in Season clothes – different line of clothes come every season. And more often than not, they normally release new clothes at very high prices and normally they go down after a few months. Key is just patience to wait.

For example, when winter comes, coats and sweaters are released, however, after a month, normal Sale or bargain prices will now be tagged on these clothes. If you were smart enough to wait, you can still wear these clothes during the remaining days of winter and the coming fall.

· Wait for Factory Sales – when Factories put out their sale season, clothes can be cut from 40%-90% off the original price. Imagine how big this saving is! Also, going directly to the Manufacturer’s store is a helpful tip on getting a good deal on clothes.

· Garage Sales – these are very popular stores and places where you can get your clothes at really, really low prices. Find garage sales that are put up by families, in this way, chances of getting quality clothes are much higher than those garage sales that have been put up for commercial purposes already.

However, it is important to remember and avoid buying clothes just because the prices are really low, you might not even wear the clothes, and the concept of saving is put to waste.

· Bargain – always visit your favorite store and befriend the sales people there. You can then ask for the possible dates of SALE and bargain wherein you can save at a minimum of 20% off the original price of your desired clothes.

· Buy two different sizes and two different colors – If you have kids, it is very advisable to actually get two sizes, since children grow up really fast. Also, buying two colors to have variety, only if the clothes are already at their reduced rates.

· Shop Online – nowadays, there are many clothing stores online. And, most of the clothing lines have their own websites where you can online shop.

Like the regular stores, the online shops have their season for SALE and BARGAINS as well. Just make a habit of checking regularly your favorite clothing line to wait for these awaited bargains.

· Sign up for your Favorite Boutique’s mailing list – be sure to sign up for your favorite clothing store’s mailing list, newsletter and catalogs. In this way, you will be updated and be the first one to know of the upcoming On Sale Items and the new releases of the trendy clothes as well.

· Coupon Codes and Coupon Cards – if shopping online is your thing, there are many coupon codes that can be found online that could give you a cut off of the original price of your favorite online store. You can also put the “online coupon” or “coupon code” in your favorite search engines such as Google and you will be given a list of sites that could provide you best deals for your retailers.

· In-Store Credit Cards – many boutiques nowadays, offer in-store credit cards. All you need to do is apply for a credit card of your own, especially if you have a favorite store where you frequently buy your clothes. Normally, these credit cards give good discounts on clothes being sold in that particular boutique.

Also, the card holders normally get special coupons, birthday discounts and other relative discounts every holidays, you can get a minimum of 5% up to 15% discounts.

Another benefit of these is free shipping, being updated of the new arrival of clothes and rebates. However, this tactic only is beneficial if you plan to pay your credit card bill a day after you have purchased the product. This is because credit card companies charge an awful lot of finance fees and interests. It may not even counterbalance the savings you intentionally wanted in applying for the credit card.

· Get a part-time job at your favorite store – a lot of shoppers apply and get part time jobs on their favorite boutique. This will give them extra money for their job and employee’s discounts on the clothes being sold in that particular store.

So as you can see it is more than possible to save money whilst still be the fashion conscious envy of your friends!

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is when people in love dedicate the day to each other. Holding hands, exchanging gifts, smiling, kissing, and hugging are things you will see people doing on this special day. You don’t want to do the same thing, do you? The same exchanging gifts, going out for dinner, and then snuggling up together; everything is expected. However, this year you want to do something different. But then, what can you do? All the things mentioned below!

Romantic Ideas to Help You Celebrate

Get Up In Style

Very rarely does a married couple with kids get the chance to get up in style, which means they are always rushing to get breakfast sorted, kids ready for school, lunch packed, and getting ready for work. In the midst of this chaos, they hardly have a chance to enjoy a day in bed, relaxing and getting up in style. Why not make this day special? Decorate the bedroom with candles, cook up a brilliant breakfast in gourmet style, and serve it in bed.

No More Store-Bought Candy

Why settle for the same old store-bought candy, why not make the candy yourself? Not only is this much more romantic, but it is so much fun, and your love interest will appreciate the fact that you made the chocolates yourself. And you can be as creative as you want. You can make a giant heart-shaped chocolate, a large chocolate kiss, or chocolate truffles. You can even try your hand at baking a cake and writing your love filled message on it with icing.

Massage, Massage, and Massage

Spend your day at home with the one you love, and do things that you enjoy doing. Why not indulge in a spa experience at home? Take a warm relaxing bath together, in a tub filled with roses and lots of bubble, all the while talking to each other, sipping on champagne, eating chocolate-covered strawberries. End the glorious bath with a relaxing massage, choose an oil that you like, and massage the kinks out of your lover’s body and vice versa.

Fill Your Screen With Romance

Instead of going out on, why not spend the day at home watching all your favorite romantic movies? Just make some popcorn (if possible, heart-shaped candy popcorn) and some cocktails. Movies, like Casablanca, 50 first dates, Pretty Woman, and Roman holiday are some great picks.

Indulge in Aphrodisiacs

So, we all know that chocolates and oysters are aphrodisiacs, but what about asparagus, figs, or even honey? These foods could put you in a great mood that could help you enjoy this love holiday even better.

Romantic Messaging All Day

If both of you are working on this day and can’t get out of work, you can still keep the romance alive by sending each other text messages filled with love quotes, or expressing your love to each other. You can even write a love sonnet or a limerick for your darling.

Now that you have 6 ideas, celebrate with a difference. Depending on what you both like, zero in on one. If possible, you are free to try them all; just plan well. Hope this day brings you more beautiful memories, and endless love!

Cute Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Exchanging gifts is a part and parcel of almost every relationship. Though we all deny that we’re not that shallow and that we don’t really mind whether we get gifts from our significant other or not, at some level, we do expect tiny material gifts that make us happy. Another important part in a relationship is anniversaries. Again, though we deny meticulously remembering dates and events and incidents, it is true that we do tend to keep in mind something as important as an anniversary in our relationship. If you’re going to be celebrating your anniversary with your boyfriend sometime soon and need some ideas on what gifts you can give him, then all you have to do is scroll down.

Your Collectibles
Since you’re his girlfriend (and we’re assuming you’re quite a typical girlfriend, as most women are), you’re sure to be the kind who saves stuff from previous meetings. Movie ticket stubs, tissue papers from your first date, a parking ticket, receipt for a romantic dinner that you had, gift wrapping paper that he used to wrap one of your gifts in, and many more. Little knickknacks that you’ve preserved over time. The seemingly inconsequential things that have played an important part in your evolution as a couple. Get a fancy box and neatly arrange all these items in it, in a number of compartments that is equal to the number of years you have been together. Place a note with each item, explaining what it is. Wrap the box beautifully. When he opens it and goes through each gift, he’s sure to be touched with this gift.

Design a Website
Designing a website is not very difficult if you know the right people and the right way to do it. What you can do is, gather a lot of pictures of the two of you. Ones that you have clicked during the course of your relationship. Using these pictures, write the story of how both of you met and how you came to be the couple that you are today. The good times and the bad, the hilarious incidents and the embarrassing ones. Document everything and either design the site yourself or ask a professional web designer to do it for you. Then on your anniversary, just send him an email or an IM with the link to this site. He’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Something from his Past
If you’ve been with your boyfriend long enough to be really comfortable with his parents, then this is one of the cutest ideas. Contact his parents and ask them about his childhood. Ask them if there was something he always wanted, but for some reason couldn’t get it or do it. It could be something as small as a toy or a special edition comic book or something like going bungee jumping or riding a snow mobile. Whatever it is, on your anniversary, arrange to have that particular thing delivered to him, with a note saying that you knew he always wanted it. If it’s an activity, then take him to the venue, without telling him about it and surprise him when you reach there. He’ll go back to being the child he was, which will be fun to watch.

Engraved Silverware
What you have to do is, get some silverware, plates, and champagne flutes engraved with your names and the date from when you are together. Plan a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant and ask them to use the silverware, the plates and the champagne flutes that you have got the engraving done on. Begin with the champagne and then proceed with the dinner. Make it a point to place them in such a way that the engraving is visible. He’ll love it. When you are done with the meal, ask the restaurant to clean and gift wrap the stuff and give it to him as a memento of the lovely evening that the two of you had together.

Advertise your Love
If you want to try something really crazy, and I mean scream-out-your-love-as-loud-as-you-can-crazy, then you can consider this idea. Contact the ads section of the newspaper that your boyfriend subscribes to. Draft a well worded classified (read anniversary message) and ask the newspaper people to place the ad (in a slightly bigger font than the others) in the center of their usual classifieds section on the day of your anniversary. If your boyfriend does not see it himself, at least someone he knows will and contact him about it. If even that does not happen, then you can just tell him that you read an ‘interesting job opening that could suit his profile’ and prompt him to turn to the classifieds section. Surprise!

Remembering the little details and the seemingly unimportant things go a long way in helping to find the perfect gift for your partner. So take that as your golden rule, pay more attention to the things he says and pick up hints from them. You never know, you might stumble upon a great idea, right in the middle of a conversation. Happy anniversary!

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas time is the season to be jolly! It is also the time to shower gifts on your loved ones. Christmas season is pleasant and soothing . . . the white cover on the grounds and a feeling of love all around! That is the most amazing thing about this beautiful season. For the romantics at heart, this day gives an opportunity to shop for or make romantic gifts and cherish beautiful moments. Searching for the perfect gift for one’s partner is something that people tend to put a lot of thought and effort into. The gift has to be unique, romantic, and should be something that should create a magical feeling to add to the happiness of Christmas time. But there are times when one may feel stumped about the kind of romantic gifts to be purchased for someone who may seem to have everything. While a tricky situation, there surely is an alternative.

Ideas for Romantic Christmas Gifts

Dinner for Two
Use beautiful festoonary to jazz up the house. Do this when your partner is away at work. Candles in all shapes and sizes, a tiny Christmas tree with an angel on top, beautiful flower arrangements and cozy colors for the linen will add to the atmosphere. When your partner reaches home, switch on the lights, turn on a soft romantic song that you both like, and invite him/her for a dance. Pop the champagne bottle and relish the goodies. Well, time is one the best gifts you can give your partner in this fast-paced life. These moments will have more meaning than anything bought off the shelf. This is one of the most romantic gift ideas ever!

Weekend Get Away
Do you think you, as a couple, have spent too much time at work? Well, use the Christmas week for a romantic weekend getaway. Book tickets for your sweetheart and wrap them in a beautiful gift box. Place it on a desk or on the bed and watch the surprise and glee. An exotic island or some destination that you have both dreamed about will add more romance to the relationship. This will also give you both an opportunity to relax and spend quality time while discovering a new locale!

Musical Rendezvous
Have you surprised your partner of late? When you are planning to give a romantic gift to your lover, you can plan for a beautiful setting. Hire a guitarist and plan a dinner at an eat-out that is liked by both of you. Ask the guitarist to play your partner’s favorite songs when the food arrives. (You would need to talk to the manager of the place in advance for the arrangement.) Bring out the flowers and chocolates and test your vocal cords as well on bended knees! Your partner is sure to be serenaded.

Words to Woo
Are you a whiz at writing stories and romantic poems? Write a beautiful poem about the relationship you share and hang it with other decorations on the tree. He/she is bound to love such a thoughtful and romantic gift. Such a personalized gift would hold more importance when compared to the regular store bought gift ideas that almost everyone comes up with every year.

Dancing Nights
If your partner loves to dance, you can book a personal dance trainer. Latin American dance is sensual and romantic and you can surprise your partner with special lessons for the weekend. Take him/her out shopping for an entirely new wardrobe and learn some cool, new moves on the dance floor. By New Year’s Eve, you will surely master a few great dance steps.

Other than these romantic gifts, there is another idea that you can use. If you are planning to get engaged or marry your partner, this may be the perfect occasion to pop the question. After a fine dinner, take him/her out for a romantic walk in a beautiful area. Carry along a bottle of wine and chocolates. As you look at the bright and beautiful lights, go down on one knee and ask the question you have been meaning to. These romantic Christmas gifts ideas will surely make your day a bright and happy one! Enjoy the spirit of Christmas and spread the cheer. Merry Christmas!

Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

It’s your little one’s birthday and she’s hell-bent on making the birthday invitations rather than buying some ‘tacky and impersonal’ ones. Well, bless her! It is her birthday and you’ve got to listen to the little drama queen! Think of it as a bonus. Because one of the best ways to save money and add a personal touch to birthday invitations is to make them yourself. So, here, you will be offered some tips and ideas on how you can make some super birthday invitations for both kids and adults.

First, decide on a theme for the birthday party. If it’s a kid’s party, you can choose from themes like superheroes, fantasy movies, fairy tales, comic book characters, a favorite story of the birthday child, etc. For adult birthday parties, you can have themes like masquerades, Start Wars, vampires, a famous sitcom, a place like Hawaii, etc. Once the theme is decided, make the invitations revolving around the theme. Use cut-outs from newspapers, magazines, or use some pictures from a past vacation if you have one. Design the cards and use lingo pertaining to the theme to give it a more real effect.

If not a particular theme, then you can keep a color scheme for the invitations. You can keep pink for girls and blue for boys. Use ribbons and beads on the card that will go out to the girls and keep the ones that will go to the boys simple and tassel-free. Or you can pick the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl and make the invites in that color. Another idea you can use is, take a color that symbolizes something. Like yellow and orange together for sunshine. Or white for peace. And in the wording you can incorporate the significance of the color.

Another great idea for self-made birthday invitations can be numbers! Yes, if your kid is turning 5, make an invitation in the shape of the number 5. Or the corresponding age of your child. Once they hit teens though, this can be a little difficult. So, an option can be make them on the computer. Yes, you have so many different designs and templates readily available on the computer, that you can whip up an awesome invitation in less than an hour! Then all you have to do is get them printed on some super fancy paper. Voila! Your homemade birthday invitations are ready!

Another way to personalize your birthday invitations is to have your photographs on them. I know what you must be thinking. That will cost a lot. But think about this, instead of getting positives developed from your camera, use your computer to scan a good photograph and get paper printouts. Use these on the cards.

So, these were some ideas on how you can make your own birthday invitations. You may have to get a head start on them because they will take more time than going to the store and getting ready-made ones that only require you to fill the name, date, and place. But in the end, it will definitely be worth it.

Thigh high Socks for Women

Every season brings its own share of fashion trends along with it. Thigh-high socks are predominantly found in the market nowadays. These socks not only protect you from the cold, but make you look stylish, as well. With the right attitude and confidence, they can be carried off by women of all ages.

As the name suggests, these are worn well-above your knees, midway up the thighs. Do not confuse them with thigh-high stockings, as socks are much more comfortable than these. Stockings need garters to secure them in place, whereas thigh-high socks are completely elasticized. Hence, proper blood circulation in the legs is not compromised while wearing these.

You can find these socks in all kinds of colors. There’s ash gray, white, brown, green, and black, in the market, as well as striking and attention-grabbing purple, pink, red, fuchsia, and yellow. For those of you who want to play it safe, these socks are available in blue and maroon, as well.

Knitted thigh-high socks, sometimes with cotton or polyester blends with bold striped patterns, are perhaps the most popular variety besides the plain kind. A pattern with stripes only above the knees is also quite common. The stripes can be either horizontal or vertical. Those with vertical stripes are ideal for plus-size women, as they will make them look slimmer and taller.

Matching Outfits
Socks of this kind, look exceptionally good when worn with a miniskirt or a pair of shorts. A fashionable and stylish look can be created by pairing them up with a pleated miniskirt. As for shorts, wearing denim with a gray T-shirt and matching gray thick-high socks, will make you look fabulous. The shorts should be slightly longer and never too short or tight, unless you are going to a club.

Matching Footwear
Women’s shoes that pair up well with these socks are pumps, brogues, knee-high boots, ankle-high boots, and Mary Jane shoes. In fact, wearing thigh-high socks with ankle boots, paired with contrasting tights and a high-waist mini skirt, will undoubtedly make heads turn in your direction.

You should follow age-old fashion rules while wearing these. If your outfit is colorful, bright, or has some catchy pattern, the socks should be in a subdued color with a bold pattern. Similarly, if your outfit is plain, the socks can be snazzy and striking.

How to Choose Wedding Shoes

Women have a strange relationship with their shoes. On a gloomy day, give the woman a pair of sexy high heels and all her blues will vanish into thin air! Since shoes can have such an impact on a woman’s psyche, she should think ten times when buying a pair for the happiest day of her life i.e. her wedding day. Everything, right from look to color to feel of the wedding shoes has to be perfect. The shoes should be such that they enhance the beauty of her dress and at the same time, make her so comfortable that she can truly enjoy her special day!

Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Shoe

Fashion and style, if you thought that these are the only two criteria for choosing wedding shoes, think again! You would need a whole lot of common sense to go with it, when selecting your wedding shoes. So, here is tip number one for selecting the perfect bridal shoe, look at the wedding venue and the weather in which the wedding is taking place. For instance, if it’s an outdoor wedding in the summers, strappy sandals would be a good choice and that too minus the pencil heels, as they might dig into the ground, making you uncomfortable while walking! On the other hand, if the wedding is in winters, closed shoes, which protect your feet from the cold, will be the ideal choice. Peep toes are one option that can go in any weather.

The kind of wedding that you have planned is an important criteria in determining your wedding shoes too. For instance, if you have planned a beach wedding or are having a casual affair, flip flops, which today are available in plethora of designs and colors, will suit your wedding dress. On the other hand, if you are having a formal wedding, at the church or at a banquet, go in for classy, elegant, high-heeled shoes or sandals.

Next, consider your wedding gown. Here, one very important tip is that when you are deciding on your wedding gown, take a pair of shoes which have the same heel lengths as the shoes that you plan to wear at the wedding. This will unsure that the shoes fit in nicely with the wedding dress. Secondly, when you set out for shoe shopping, carry a sample of your wedding gown fabric with you, so that the shoe color matches exactly with your wedding dress color. Remember, all white shades are not the same! Another thing to look for is the kind of embellishments that are there on the gown. If the gown is too lacy or has a lot of embroidery, crystals, etc. on it, go in for plain looking (yet smart) shoes, to even out the effect. However, if the wedding gown is slightly simple, go for fancy shoes with embellishments, to spice up the overall look!

Last, but not the least, choose the material of the shoes carefully. If you want a different kind of look, go in for leather shoes. If you want to look all feminine, get shoes made in fabrics such as silk, velvet, satin and lace. When choosing the fabric, see to it that it complements your wedding gown. The material of the hemlines will help you decide the fabric of your shoes. For instance, if the hemlines have lace on them, shoes made from the same would gel with it. On the other hand, if the wedding dress is made from a soft, shiny material, satin shoes would look more appealing.

How to Stretch Boots

You buy a cool pair of boots, but later on realize that they are just a bit snug! You push in your legs, but feel really uncomfortable to walk or even stand. “Oh! I picked up the wrong boots!”, is exactly what you might think. But then, probably, this was the only right fitting pair available. Some of you may have an odd size, hence, won’t find the perfect pair and end up picking a pair of size which is smaller or larger than the actual size. It might also happen that one piece from the pair doesn’t fit well. You can try to stretch the boots in such a case, and believe me, it works. You can learn how to stretch boots at home and use this trick whenever required.

Tips on Stretching Boots
If your favorite knee-high boots are not fitting rightly at your calves, then here’s how to work on them. You’ll need a boot stretching solution, a boot stretcher and of course your pair of knee-high boots. Before you use the boot stretcher or boot stretching solution, make sure that you read the ‘directions for use’ mentioned on the product or its packaging, as these might vary from brand to brand.


Start with one of the boots. Spray the stretching solution on the boot, as directed in the user guide.
Now, expand the boot stretcher to the width that your boot has, at the calf area.
Further, insert it into your boot, and slowly go on turning its knob to stretch your boot to the desired width.
Now leave the stretcher inside the boot, for about 10 hours. Remove the stretcher and try on the boot.

Check whether it is fitting well or not yet! Great if it is fitting, else you can just re-insert the stretcher, expand it and keep it inside for few more hours. Work in the same way on the next boot if required.

Stretch Boots at the Toe Area
Fabric boots such as those made of leather are popular picks. Sometimes, knee-high shoes fit well at the calves, but they are tight in the toe area. Any other type of boots like the hiking boots, ankle boots, men’s formal boots, might also fit tight in the toe area or just behind the toes. What do you do in such cases? Here are some tips on stretching boots, so as to fit properly in this area. Again, you will need a boot stretcher and boot stretching solution for the procedure.


Start with one of your boots and spray the shoe stretching liquid on its outer surface.
Leave it for some time and then take the boot stretcher. Expand its height with the knob so that it fits perfectly in the toe area.
Insert it into your boots and again turn the knob to increase height or width of the toe area, as required. Remember that you need to create more room for your toes.
Now, keep it inside your boot overnight and remove it in the next morning. Now, try on the boot.

Well, if it’s fitting, just repeat this procedure on the next boot, if required and get ready to flaunt them. Else, re-insert the boot stretcher and leave it for 5-10 hours inside the boot.

Choosing the Right Boot Stretcher

Shoe stretcher needs to be chosen rightly to get the best results. So, consider your needs before buying one. You can find one for men’s as well as women’s boots. Remember that a boot stretcher works for both left and right boot. It is useful to stretch the length and width of the foot area and height of toe area of boots. While some have all these features, some are specifically designed for working on one of the areas. You can also find one for the tall boots, especially the thigh-high boots. Similarly, it is essential to buy a good quality shoe stretching solution. First, try both items on your old pair of boots and then work on the new one. If the product has ‘instructions for use’, on the package, make sure that you read them properly and follow them to get the best results.

Instructions to Clean Canvas Shoes

Do not use bleach directly on shoes. This may cause a yellow discoloration of the material. Using a small amount of bleach with water is fine. Also, avoid placing your shoes in the dryer, for it may damage the rubber material and soles.
A canvas is a woven fabric or cloth that is used for making shoes, tents, handbags, electronic device cases, backpacks, and other things. It is a strong material and hence has many uses. There are many types of canvas shoes like Converse, Vans and Keds, the most popular among them being the Converse shoes.

All canvas shoes are great looking as well as comfortable shoes. They can be worn for just about any occasion like school, college, office, or a casual outing. It is very difficult to keep them clean, as dirt and scuff marks get along with them very easily. However, cleaning these shoes are easy, though time-consuming. So, how do you clean them? Clean them up with these simple steps.

Spot-cleaning your shoes by hand will help you remove dirt and stains on the surface. However, to clean your shoes deeply, a washing machine can do a better job. Also, for the scuffs marks, you can try a few tricks to make your shoes look brilliant in no time. Here are some simple ways of cleaning the shoes.
Cleaning canvas shoes by hand
Step 1: Take a bucket full of warm water. Create a rich lather with 1 to 2 tbsp. of mild soap or laundry detergent. Now, swirl the water around until the detergent dissolves and bubbles are formed.

Step 2: Scrub the excess dirt outside the shoe with a toothbrush or washing sponge. Moisten the shoes by gently dipping them in water. Continue scrubbing them to remove the dirt. Avoid immersing the shoes in water entirely.

Step 3: Now rinse your shoes in warm water to remove the remaining bits of dirt. Avoid using hot water.

Step 4: Wipe off the shoes by using a towel to squeeze any excess water from them.

Step5: Stuff the shoes with papers or similar materials to shape the shoes, as water will cause to shrink the shoes.

Step 6: Let the shoes to dry in the sun or in a place indoors. Avoid direct heat, as it can weaken the glue and texture in the shoe.
Cleaning canvas shoes with washing machine
Step 1: Take off the shoe laces. This will make it easier to clean the shoes. Dip the shoes laces in a separate bowl of soap and water solution. Scrub them vigorously and wash with water. Hang to dry.

Step 2: Remove the excess dust and dirt from the shoe with a brush.

Step 3: Apply a stain remover to all the dirty spots in the shoe. Read the instructions on the label before using a stain remover. Apply it under the tongues to get those annoying stains out. Instead of a stain remover, a mild soapy solution can also be used. You can take a clean rag or toothbrush and dip it into a solution of soap or laundry detegent and water. Now, scrub the rubber part of the shoes. In case, this does not help, add a small amount of bleach to the soapy solution.

Step 4: Now, to clean the canvas or fabric thoroughly, place the shoes inside a washing bag (to prevent from banging around), put it into the washing machine. You can also put in some towels or rags in the machine along with the shoes to avoid too much noise as the shoes move around. Sprinkle a little detergent (bleach-free) on the cold water in the machine. Run the machine on a gentle cycle.

Step 5: After the washing is complete, take out the shoes and let them dry in the sun or in a place indoors depending upon the color. If the shoes are colored, dry them in shade or indoors to prevent fading of colors, and if they are white, dry them in the sun, which will help the white color to brighten more.
Cleaning canvas shoes with baking soda
Step 1: Moisten the shoes by washing them in warm water.

Step 2: Take a toothbrush or sponge and soak it in mixture of baking soda and laundry detergent. Use it to clean the shoes by moving the brush in a circular motion until all the dirt comes out.

Step 3: After cleaning them thoroughly, wash the shoes again with a lot of cold water to remove all traces of soap.

Step 4: Wipe off the shoes with a paper towel and stuff them with newspapers inside. Let them sit overnight and dry.
Removing scuffs and scratches from the rubber
1. Clean the rubber with a paper towel dipped in a soap and water solution.

2. If this does not help, use rubbing alcohol on it. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the shoe by applying pressure. This is a very effective process. Most of the dirt will come out.

3. You can also dip a cotton ball in a small amount of nail polish remover and remove the scuff marks.

4.Use a whitening toothpaste directly on the scuff mark on the rubber part of the shoe and scrape it with a toothbrush. This will remove the scuff and make the rubber parts look whiter.

5. Another way is using a mixture of small amount of bleach and water. Dip a toothbrush into this solution and scrub the scuff marks off the shoes.

6. Yet another option is to use a lemon. Cut it and directly apply it on the scuff marks.

How to Save With Grocery Coupons

The Bright Side

What are these coupons and how can it help us save? I know that almost everyone, who has shopped on their own in supermarkets and grocery stores, know about these coupons. But what is it actually? If you are getting confused with the question here, let me take the confusion away. Coupons are cash; plain and simple. When you visit a supermarket or a grocery store, you undoubtedly pay the MRP on food items, unless it is already on discounted rate. Now generally we shop for groceries in bulk and the total amount will reflect the shopping. So, if you are on a tight budget, the coupons of that particular store can decrease your total expense considerably.

Purchasing grocery with discount coupons is one of the best ways to save money. So all in all, if you had to calculate your expenses over a period of one month (or 2 to 6 months), you will see that the coupons actually can make a huge difference. You will have extra cash to spend on other necessary items; or if you wish to save money for a rainy day, it won’t be such a bad idea, right? So, what did we learn right now? Grocery coupons―good.

The Strategy

First things first―you need to become a smart shopper. Those ‘coupon ladies’ you see in the stores aren’t roaming around with tons of coupons in their hands for no reason. It’s a vital factor while shopping; and trust me, you won’t regret it.

If you don’t receive regular coupons by mail, sign up for it. You will receive it in your Sunday newspaper.
Every time you get the coupons, check the expiry date. Separate the coupons which you are interested in using.
Grocery shopping on a budget can be possible. For that, you need to plan your grocery shopping according to the coupons’ expiry date. If the coupons are getting expired before you are supposed to go to the supermarket, then prepone your shopping.
Make a detailed grocery list. Have two columns – coupon items and regular items. This way, when you’re at the store, you don’t have to shuffle through a lot of coupons.
When at the store, put the food items that you need to purchase with the coupons in your cart first. If there are more shoppers who are using coupons just like you, there are chances that those items may get out of stock.
Let’s say that you went to the store, with your coupons, and found out that a particular item is out of stock. In that case, you can get a rain check and use it later on once the item is back in stock. This way, you can save money on groceries. Your coupon won’t go to waste.
If you can’t find time to personally visit the store(s) and shop, you can opt to make the purchases online. Some grocery stores offer this facility.
There are some websites and grocery stores which offer online grocery coupons for you to avail. This is another great way to save money on groceries.
Many times, you can end up with 2 or more coupons of the same item. Don’t throw it away. You can easily avail it at different shopping trips (if the purchase limit is low on the item you want to buy).